Meeting Recap 7.9.18 | Inn at the Common | Public Forum

We sincerely appreciate everyone who took their time to come hear what ground has been covered in the past three months and what is needed next.
The core essence of the meeting was to bring the wine, hospitality & tourism community together in one room in order to share with you all our progress and earnest efforts to bring forth a clear strategy for success.
The RVV board & committees have put in ground work the align the necessary forces tell the world that the Rogue Valley is a premier wine destination. We have done so in hopes you will all help us build our ship, come on board and rise the tide for us all to sail forward on. We cannot be successful without the full support of our industry and our community. We are specifically positioning this organization to be mutually beneficial to our region as a whole.
As we mentioned, we want absolute inclusion and transparency in this organization and for all our members. We feel this will be the best way to keep lines of communication clear and running two way. You can find all our work up to this point on our website which is being updated as quickly and frequently as possible. If you or your organization has any questions, please reach out to myself or any board member at any time.
This is a passion project unlike any, the deep pride for our region is palpable and everyone involved with RVV wants the state, nation and world to see and feel our pride.
Please, join us in our efforts to Market the Rogue Valley Wine Industry like the Premier Wine Destination it is! 


Meeting Notes

Approximately 100 people attended a three hour meeting at Inn at the Commons in Medford to hear the progress to date of the Rogue Valley Vintners.  Introduction of Board members was followed by presentations by Deborah Steinthal, Scion Advisors, and Holly McPhee, Lookout. The presentations explained how RVV will progress to a January 2019 meeting at which time a Strategic Plan will be unveiled.  The period from now through December 2018 will include:

  • Market research on the Rogue Valley wine industry
  • Strategic planning meetings with Board members, wine industry participants and community partners to identify the issues most critical to the development of our industry
  • Completion of Strategic Plan

Both presentations stressed that the planning period is only beginning now and that participants from across the wine, recreation, culture and hospitality industries will be encouraged and asked to participate. Joining RVV is now possible and membership information was distributed.

Community partners were present from several Travel Oregon branches, Asante, Rosebud Media and Asante. Attendees in the room remarked that RVV has grown from three interested parties talking in February, to 30 participants in May, to over 100 people in attendance at this meeting. Q&A after the presentations focused in part on how RVV will organize the power of all of our related industries into one coordinated branding effort that will create more gains than any one company or industry could do on their own.

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Links to Download Presentations

Printed Program Booklet: Rogue Valley Vintners 2018-2019

Business Strategy Presentation: RVV Scion July 9 Community Meeting


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