2019 Year In Review

I wanted to take a moment and thank our board and subcommittee members for their dedication and hard work this past year. I also want to thank our members and our partners for supporting RVV. As you might notice, we have a brandable logo now and the marketing committee is busy working with Holly developing marketing tools so as we progress into 2020 RVV can proudly and confidently roll out its first marketing plan.

The list of accomplishments and tasks completed for 2019 is to long to list here but a couple of highlights to mention are that Asante has completed their move to their new offices. Because of our partnership with the Asante Foundation this means that RVV now has a permanent meeting space and access to office space, telephone, and intern assistance. What all this means in the big picture is we now can begin to move forward with the process of hiring an Executive Director.

The Solidarity project is the other 2019 highlight that I want to update everyone on. All the Solidarity wines are sold out except for the Pinot Noir which is expected to sell out by year end. Once this happens RVV will receive the proceeds and while I don’t have a firm number to announce I can tell you that it will be a substantial sum. These funds will be a catalyst for grant funding and other opportunities for RVV allowing it to continue to expand its marketing and promotion of the Rogue Valley AVA bringing more benefit and opportunity to its members.

I wish you all a joyous holiday season,

Ross Allen

President, Rogue Valley Vintners

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